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About Me

Damirich Consultant are Professional Business Consultant who focus on consulting services in accounting, auditing, managerial and taxation. Currently, Damirich Consultant has professionals coming from the best universities with their experiences in their various fields.

Employment History

Damirich Consultant

2013 - now

Chief Executive Officer

Dipra, S.Ak (Great Passion and Vissioner)

Damirich Consultant

2013 - now

Senior Expert Consultant

Budiyanto, S.E., M.B.A. (Powerfull and Confident)

Education History

Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania

2016 - 2016

Analytical Accounting

Online Learning by www.coursera.org Accounting Anlytical Specialization Lecturer : Professor Brian J Bushee and Professor Christopher D. Itnerr Course : Ratio and Forecasting, Earnings Management, Big Data and Predictions, Linking Non Financial Metrics to Financial Performance.

Jakarta Institute of Management Studies

2000 - 2002


Master Degree in Magister Business of Administration Program

Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Republik Indonesia

2015 - 2015


Training and Certification Auditor Tingkat Pemeriksa BPK RI