Agung Wicaksono

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Employment History

PT Tangara Mitrakom

2014 - 2014

HR Org. Development Specialist

Performance Management - Performance Appraisal, Including creating online system - Cascading Company objective into individual Objectives. - Collects reports of individual targets at the end of the year and provide reports that related with company performance that produced by accumulation of each individual to establish performance of department and became company's performance. Org. Developement - To assist and implementation of corporate culture by core competency. - Applying the concepts and theories of development and organizational behavior in development models of organizational change. - Creating and Maintaining applications of procedures, processes, functions, the entire infrastructure of the organization (system and procedure of HR, organizational structure, etc.) for company productivity. - To evaluate and analysis job position. - Develop and analyze the assumptions are used in determining number of workers required by company. - Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of quality and quantity of human resources based on demands of work in department or company.

PT Intraco Penta, Tbk.

2013 - 2014

HR Org. Development Specialist

- Designing appropriate organizational infrastructure accordance with strategic plan. - Evaluate and develop the organizational infrastructure (Performance Management, Organizational Structure, etc.) in accordance with changes of internal and external demands. - Demonstrate the application of procedures, processes, functions, and the entire infrastructure of organization (HR systems and procedures, organizational structure, Job descriptions, etc.) for company productivity. - Maintain and develop Corporate Culture. - Implement performance management process stages, from strategy articulation, formulation performance targets, monitoring and evaluation, providing feedback to rewards. - Defining Key Result Areas and Target Performance (KRA / TK) as well as the purpose and role in achieving the company's strategic objectives. - Training others in formulating KRA / TK. - Database Management. - implementing entry and periodic updating of all data in accordance with implementation of performance management and organizational development defined procedure.

PT Global Sarana Sukses

2008 - 2013

HR Organizatinal Design & Development

SAP HR FUNCTIONAL Data Mining Maintain Org. Structure Maintain Job Desc. Data Master

Education History


2007 - 2011

SDM Management