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About Me

I love designing, i start to learn how to digital designing since 2015 but i love draw since i was on playgroup. when i was 18, i try to learn website, i face a lot of new things about html, php, and css to mix with my picture and make a website and the content for it. I can make and design a logo, make a simple illustration of it such as when the logo appears on the t-shirt, shop, or on a board of advertisement that we can see at the street.
i like read a book, now in 2019, i start to study at a university. Here, the textbook was written in English, so because of that now i love to read a book in english language ☺


Employment History

Education History

Pendidikan Informatika dan Komputer Terapan Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (PIKTI ITS, program D1 Pendidikan Informatika)

2018 - 2019


Learn about database, web design, web CMS, make a website with bootstrap and PHP, design with photoshop, inkscape, and corel ,learn about office app such as word, excel, powerpoint. Practice to make a 2D game.

Intitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

2019 - now


In this year (2019) i start my new experience of life to learn more about Informatics, wish me luck :)

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