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Freelance web developer

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PT DePasar [depasar.com]

2013 - now

Freelance Web Developer & System Administtstor

RESPONSIBILITIES : * Deploy, manage and maintain server clusters with virtual machine via Digital Ocean. * Deploy and maintain HAProxy as load balancer and fail over. * Deploy, manage and maintain virtual private server (VPS) based on CentOS & Ubuntu Server. * Deploy, manage and maintain a web server via NGinx with PHP-FPM. * Deploy, manage and maintain database via MariaDB Galera Cluster. * Deploy Apache Solr, Apache Tomcat and integrate it to Magento search component for better result, indexing and speed. * Deploy, manage and maintain private server git repository management for source code repository via GitLab and web mail server via Roundcube. * Integrate and optimize cloud VPS with Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology. * Implemented firewall to prevent DDOS attack by using IPtables & Fail2Ban service. * Monitor and manage server performance via Munin. * Deploy, manage and maintain enterprise e-commerce using Magento. * Integrate Redis as key-value data store with Magento. * Integrate Varnish as web cache proxy server with Magento. * Integrate APC as PHP accelerator with Magento. * Built Magento template based on Bootstrap CSS Framework and make it perform well when accessed from mobile devices or tablets. * Manage & maintain codes versioning system via Git. * User management for access control. * Responsible to ensure load speed of website is under 2 seconds (GTmetrix as page speed performance analyzer) & validated the markup codes used W3C Validator. EXPERIENCES GAINED : * Better knowledge of: 1. SSL 2. Linux / Unix environment 3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) 4. Computer clustering 5. HAProxy 6. Digital Ocean cloud services 7. E-commerce platform 8. Magento e-commerce web application 9. Cloudflare CDN services 10. Zend Framework 11. Gitlab & Git versioning 12. Apache SOLR * Excellent motivational skills * Good single fighter player and multitasking capabilities

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