Waluyo Budi Raharjo

Creative designer

About Me

“What is branding?” the answer is, “the essence of the business, products or services.”

Employment History

Plan b Communications

2003 - 2006

Graphic Designer

Work under creative head to creating any design projects for any brand such as: LOREAL Indonesia (LANCOME, Biotherm, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani & etc), Otsuka Indonesia & Jesslyn K cakes

Progresif Communcations

2007 - 2008


Apart of the creative team to creating any projects such as: Supporting AdeRai management (Rai Nutrition, Klub AdeRai & Rai Institute) to creating promotion materials, brand activations & personal branding. Mantaining personal branding of Adrian Maulana "indonesian health & fitness figure" Creating the Station ID of TVe-PUSTEKOM-DIKNAS Creating TVC PHBS Campaign of PROMKES-DEPKES Creating the product Jingle of COMBYKID (collaboration with Rumah Musik Hari Roesli)

Intuisi Communications

2009 - 2010

Art Director

Creating the grand design concepts (tone and manner) & helping the creative director to directing creative team for rebranding of Century Bank into Mutiara Bank, Impian 1 Milyar & Tull Jye Cosmetics.

Syndicate 73

2010 - 2011

Senior Creative designer

Creating visual design and also directing the team for some Indosat brands (IM3, Mentari) below the line & retail promo activities

Fresco Indonesia

2012 - 2013

Art Director

Creating visual design and also directing the team for some project: KOMINFO - Indonesia ICT award INAICTA 2012 KOMINFO - Indonesia Opensource award IOSA 2012 Gelamisto - Rebranding Palang Merah Indonesia

Education History

School of Design INTERSTUDI

2002 - 2003

Graphic Design


STIKOM Interstudi

2004 - 2007