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Over 10 years experience as Digital Media Designer & Project Managing. Transforming cyberspace, one website at a time.

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Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya.Posted on: 4 months ago
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angel sangat responsive, kualitas untuk project masih tentunya bis ditingkatkan, tapi harga sangat attraktive.Posted on: about 1 year ago
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Terima kasih atas pekerjaannya dan hasilnya.Posted on: about 1 year ago
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Dalam hal responsif, dan mengerti kemauan customer...saya kasih bintang 5.Posted on: over 1 year ago
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IDR 540,000
Kerjaan design bagus dan sangat profesional. Sangat friendly buat kerjasamaPosted on: over 1 year ago

Education History

Victoria University
1999 - 2003


BA Multimedia

Employment History

2008 - now

Digital Media Designer

Java-Rhino is Web Consultant; Design & Development. I meet with clients constantly, conceptualising & provide custom online solution for them, and oversee projects from beginning to it's finalisation. Check my portfolio at Java-Rhino.com

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