Azzahra R Kamila

Freelance Writer, Content Editor, Contributor
Indonesia, Bandung
English Indonesian

About Me

I am a freelance writer and contributor of Babe News, Banananina Magazine, and Journal Sociolla.

Portofolio: http://www.insommia/net/portofolio.

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Terima kasih, layanannya bagus mieu07
IDR 45,000
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Terima Kasih atas kerjasama dalam penulisan artikelnya, sukses selalu Mba.ptska
IDR 180,000
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Artikelnya tetap berkualitas meski mau budget dibawah penawaran awal. Deliver langsung saat dichat.adyabaday
IDR 180,000
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Azzahra Kamila mengerjakan tugasnya dengan baik. Saya puas dengan hasil tulisannya karena cara penulisannya cukup in-depth dan informatif. Terima kasih.banananina
IDR 270,000

Employment History

PT Hivemind Media

2015 - 2016

Head Editor

+ Oversaw advertorial campaign that reached over 5000 visitors. + Proofread and reviewed all print and electronic content for correct grammar and adherence to house style. + Reviewed and edited colleagues’ written work for grammar, tone, voice and creative quality. + Updated company website content including contact information, articles and services. + Wrote unique text for Selipan's websites, including general and branded content. + Used applications to manage efficient delivery and track content drafts.

Education History


2014 - 2016

Teknik Elektro

Peminatan Information Security/IT Governance