Azka Nurun Ala

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Employment History

PT Jawdat Teknologi Indonesia

2015 - 2016

Web Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer and UI/UX Designer , PT Jawdat Teknologi Indonesia, 2015 - 2016 Working as a frontend developer and UI/UX designer, responsible for Hyperion Lintasarta SDH-NMS Project. Have worked for 7 months from October 2015 to April 2016 as a part-time worker.


2016 - now

Frontend Web Developer

Katerio is a marketplace for catering. I am here involved as a frontend web developer where I mostly struggled with HTML / CSS. Katerio uses Laravel as its platform.

Education History

Universitas Indonesia

2012 - 2016

Ilmu Komputer

Mentioned as one of the best Universities in Indonesia. Majoring Computer Science, last GPA 3.24 of 4.00, become awardee of Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) Scholarship for two years (until now). Have a strong interest to the field of Bioinformatics and Computational Intelligence. Active as a assistant lecturer of the courses of Linear Algebra and Statistics & Probability for the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015.

SMA Taruna Nusantara

2009 - 2012

Natural Sciences

Mentioned as one of the best schools in Indonesia. Majored in Natural Sciences, Awarded 1st rank achievement of Natural Sciences in 4th semester of 2011, won a lot of competition at the regional and national level as well as international in the field of geology (one of the best is the Bronze Medal in Quiz and Silver Medal in Essay Writing Contest, Earth Science Technology International Jamboree and Olympic) and Japanese (3rd place winner of Japanese Speech Contest and 2nd place winner of Quiz Contest Bunkasai, Central Java and Yogyakarta Regional).