Haryo Ariwibowo

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About Me

I am an illustrator in Jakarta - Indonesia, if you interested in, I can do your job as you expecting quality .

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Education History

Indonesian Art Institut
1987 - 1992

Interior Design

In 1985 I continued my study in Kanisius Senior High School in Surakarta. I finished my study in 1988 and I continued again for my first degree (S1) in Indonesia Art Institute, in Surakarta. Majoring Interior design Department, I was cum laude graduated in 1993.

Employment History

PT. Zikrtul Hakim
2014 - now

Chief Division

A career in graphic design, conceptor who will be using maximally analytic capabilities and the ability to design with software design basis and process applications in publishing, illustration and other creative industries using conceptual thinking based on function and aesthetic approaches.

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