Muhammad Arief A.

Journalist, Freelance Writer, and Future Bioengineer
Indonesia, Bandung
English Indonesian

About Me

I am a third-year student of Biological Engineering Undergraduate Program at ITB. Writing is my passion. So, I’ve been involved in Kantor Berita ITB whom making news for ITB official site. I’ve also become a freelance writer since 1.5 years ago. Today I’ve been making more than 200 news and articles with various topic/niche and various length.

Employment History


2017 - now

Content Writer

Pricebook is an online marketplace where you can compare the product’s price from suppliers through online and offline market. Hence, my responsibilities in writing reviews and product comparisons such as for gadget, motorcycle, etc.

Kantor Berita ITB

2016 - now


As a reporter, my duty is creating news for Some of the topics are about institution, latest research, students achievements, campus life, and obituary. They’ve been created in flash, feature, and English style too.

Sribulancer &

2015 - now

Freelance Writer

I’ve been involved in many writing tasks since 2015 through these portals. For instance I’ve been writing for law topics (400 words), health topics (1000 words), and language topics (300 words).

Education History

Institut Teknologi Bandung

2015 - now

Rekayasa Hayati (Bio-Engineering)

Rekayasa Hayati (Bio-Engineering) merupakan disiplin ilmu yang memadukan ilmu hayat dengan ilmu teknik. Fokusnya mengaplikasikan ilmu hayat dan ilmu teknik dalam lingkup bio-industri.

SMAN 48 Jakarta

2012 - 2015


Lulus dengan predikat Siswa Terbaik SMAN 48 Program IPA tahun 2015