Citra Angelia

Industrial Engineering
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About Me

I am Industrial Engineering. I have experience for
-Quality Assurance, logistic and product Design, Data Analysis , Market Research
-I also have finis some creative project such as creative artikel, content writer, Review product ,Facility and layout design.

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Citra bekerja dengan sangat baik dan mau menggali dan berdiskusi lebih dalam supaya dapat memberikan hasil yang terbaik. Saya sangat puas.Posted on: 10 days ago
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IDR 350,000
Pengerjaan cepat dan substansi artikel baikPosted on: 17 days ago
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Excellent! I gave 7 days deadline, she worked it out in a day. Good quality as well, it helps me a lot. Recommended Writer :)Posted on: 24 days ago
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IDR 400,000
freelancer komunikatif dalam pengerjaannyaPosted on: 29 days ago
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she is one of the best writer. I want to work with her again. Thanks a lot.Posted on: about 2 months ago
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IDR 50,000
bagus layanannya cepatPosted on: about 2 months ago
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Kerjaan bagus, mudah belajar dan mau melakukan riset. Revisi juga cepat dan sesuai yang diminta.Posted on: 2 months ago
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Excellent power point skills, detail, market research and marketing, English language, easy to communicate. I will definitely use her service again.Posted on: 3 months ago

Education History

Universitas Andalas
2009 - 2013

Teknik Industri

Employment History

PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia
2014 - 2016

Quality Assurance Engineering

As Improvement Supplier Handle for Flow supply part as perstandard, increase system for supply , market claim and Sertification Team

PT. RPX Group - Fedex Indonesia
2016 - now

Engineering Commercial

Market Research - RPX - Copy.pptx
Portofolio Penulisan Dan Artikel.pdf
Portofolio Review Product dan Description Product.pdf
Portofolio Market Riset dan Data Analisis.pdf