Angela R. Faustine

Blog Writer
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About Me

I am Angela. I have passion in writing, cooking, and playing musical instruments. I studied at Universitas Jayabaya, majoring international affairs from 2010 to 2014. I speak Indonesian, English, and Italian. I am active in organization and communities.

Employment History

PT. Andreti International

2014 - 2015

Sr. Administration Staff

- Do sales order, stock movement, stock transfer, and maintain stock opname update (with MYBS system and ERP system) - Update to finance for customer payment - Manage staff's attendance : calculate offday, overtime, submit & claim longshift form, do the woowtime update - Do petty cash claim to finance - Maintain showroom (lighting, display, pricetag) - Assist owner to do KPI (performance report) - Update and calculate sales' bonus & commission - Order stationary to purchasing staff - Do the filing - Help delivery team to schedule customer's delivery - Do reports (customer payment, delivery orders, sales orders, total sales, sold products)


2012 - 2012

Liaison Officer & Interpreter

- Be an interpreter during Intermilan visit (verbal translator) from Italian to English and/or Indonesian - Coordinate with Intermilan players & officials - Help Intermilan players & officials for press conference & meet and greet with fans

My Own Personal Blog

2011 - now

Blog Writer

- Write articles, recipes, and reviews on my personal blog - Read books, watch movies, and go to restaurant to make the reviews - Cook and write the recipes + step by step on blog - Make DIY projects and post it on blog - Write articles on blog - Follow the trends so the blog will be readable for teenagers - Manage the blog so the visitors will enjoy reading the blog without exaggerated contents

Education History

Universitas Jayabaya

2010 - 2014

International Affairs

I majored in international affairs (social and political sciences) from 2010 to 2014, and I got an honour to be the best student in 2011