Andi Prasetyo

Graphic Designer
English Indonesian

About Me

Graphic Designer | Illustrator
Jakarta, Indonesia

Employment History

Tosora Solutions

2012 - 2015

Training Officer & Facilitator

Job responsibilities: 1. conducting job evaluation surveys 2. delivering/overseeing the delivery of training to individuals or groups of participant compiling and presenting information 3. implementing, advising about and monitoring appraisal schemes 4. supervising and monitoring progress made via training programmes or schemes 5. ensuring participant receive statutory required training

Biz Communications

2012 - 2015

Creative & IT

Job responsibilities: 1. Work closely with others division for Marketing material and Presentation. 2. Creating design for content that have a high visual impact on the application content. 3. Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering information and materials. 4. Work closely with other members of team to achieve Company goals. 5. Promote products and services through public relations initiatives. 6. Other duties as assigned by CEO.

Azkia Indotama

2012 - 2015

Head Creative Division

Job responsibilities: 1. Lead creative sessions for project kick-offs 2. Manage multiple projects from concept through completion 3. Develop creative programs and design concepts that meet the business objectives of the organization and that advance our brand strategy 4. Establish creative direction for the entire line of online services and programs 5. Supervise and inspire the creative team of vendor partners; generate multiple concepts for a campaign or project 6. Work with the account team, strategy team, and copywriters to develop concepts and present to management 7. Work with internal teams to generate ideas for pitching and proposals 8. Manage team members 9. Provide quality control over concepts and projects, 10. Other duties as assigned by CEO.

Education History

Mediakom Trisakti

2013 - 2015

Desain Komunikasi Visual

Mediakom Trisakti saat ini merupakan satu-satunya lembaga pendidikan tinggi yang bergerak dalam bidang Media Komunikasi. Pendirian lembaga ini pada dasarnya dipicu oleh kebutuhan akan sumber daya manusia terampil dan profesional di industri media komunikasi termasuk grafika, penerbitan dan desain komuikasi visual.

Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

2009 - 2012

Penerbitan & Jurnalistik

Politeknik Negeri Jakarta merupakan perguruan tinggi negeri yang menyelenggarakan program vokasi yang didirikan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan SDM profesional di industri, baik industri jasa maupun industri manufaktur.