Ananta Dianti

Graphic Designer
English Indonesian

About Me

Hi, my name is Ananta. I'm Bachelor Degree of Visual Communication Design. And now I'm working as Graphic Designer.

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Education History

Telkom University
2011 - 2014

Visual Communication Design

Telkom PDC
2009 - 2011

Creative Multimedia

Employment History

Informatika Publisher
2011 - 2011

Multimedia Designer

Making Interactive CD using Adobe Flash CS3 that include the writer profile, list of content, catalog, and publisher contact.

Kompas Gramedia
2014 - 2014

Graphic Designer

Making poster, flyer, and backdrop for job vacancies Kompas Gramedia. (Project)

2015 - 2015

Graphic Designer for Product Registration Team

Beautify and making listing product for Daily Deals, Shocking Deals, or Request from Seller.

2016 - 2016

Graphic Designer

Making BBM Channel, Category Billboard Banner, Web+Mobile Promozone, Mobile Special Corner, Mobile+Basic Banner and Mobile MBB for Elevenia Website.

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