Amin Berkati.Hasibuan


About Me

Merried,had three girls and one boys,recent works on the motor electro maintenance on home workshop in Medan,North Sumatra,Indonesia

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Education History

SMA Muhamadiyah-4.Pangkalan Brandan,North Sumatra
1985 - 1988

A2.natural sciences

graduated from publich Senior Hight School of Muhammadiyah-4.Pangkalan Brandan and holder of couple the international certificate awards from many countries around the world

Employment History

Mts-Darul Arafah
1982 - 1998

english teacher

Teaches many students in the basic school till the senior hight school on the basically in islamic school,north sumatra,indonesia as well as be able to repaired and serviced many kits on the general electro motor