Fadhel Adam

UI/UX Designer
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About Me

Hi, my name is Fadhel Adam. I'm 23, an UI/UX, motion graphic designer, also digital painter illustrator. I studied multimedia communication design at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Nice to meet you!

Employment History

PT Moka Teknologi Indonesia

2015 - now

UI/UX Designer

I work as UI/UX Designer, and Front end developper, occasionaly help with marketing content.

Education History

Bandung Institute of Technology

2010 - 2015

Multimedia Communication Visual

I enter the faculty of art and design in 2010, spend one year in the preparation phase with manual technique of drawing and sclupting art. A year later I chose Visual Communication Design as my major, with motion graphic and animation became my point of interest I chose Multimedia Communication Visual as my sub-major spesifically learning about animation, motion graphic, interactive media, and such. at 2015 I graduated with accumulated GPA of 3,63 with Cum Laude.