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Employment History

As Shidiq Cater Indonesia

2014 - 2015

Head of Sales & Marketing

As Shidiq Cater Indonesia is a Cater Service Company that divided it's business into 2 divisions, Ritual and Non Ritual. Ritual division provide complete solution in Aqiqah and Qurban, and it has been their core business from the beginning. With more than 800 units of lambs sold every month, it certainly positioned them into one of the Big Player in this industry. Non-Ritual division more focused in providing general catering services, and also targeting companies, schools, and any institutions for handling their employees and student's meals. Sales and Marketing department consists of Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales teams. My work here is to handle Ritual and Non-Ritual's Sales and Marketing divisions in terms of : - Forming an agreement with third parties (i.e. Mother and Child Hospital) for promotional activities. - Developing marketing & promotion strategies for both divisions. - Preparing canvassing schedules for Sales team. - Designing and Preparing marketing collaterals (i.e. Brochures, Website, Video profile). - Managing Customer Service team. - Developing SOP for Sales and Customer Care. - Preparing Sales and Marketing budget. - Cooperating with Kitchen, Production, and Procurement heads in developing catering packages. - Evaluating Sales area performance. - Maintaining Social Media content and schedule.

PT Sumi Sarana Rezeki

2011 - 2014

Managing Director / General Manager

PT Sumi Sarana Rezeki is a General Supplier company, with it's business divide into 3 division : IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) solutions, IT Solutions, and Man-power supplies. My work here is to handle 2 division, IMC and IT, with total 15-20 employees. IMC Division provide services from Graphic & Web Design, Printing & Merchandise, Digital & Traditional Advertising, and Event Organizer & Production While IT division provide IT hardware procurement and domain and hosting provider for website Specifically my job includes : Operations & Production : - Handle daily operational activities. - Calculate production cost. - Service Quality Control. - Team leader & decision maker Investor & Finance : - Investor relations. - Budget Control & Cash Flow Management Sales : - Looking for a new client prospect. - Meeting and dealing with prospects - Leading and directing sales team Marketing: - Develop online & offline branding and marketing plan, strategies & activities. - Determine selling price for products/services - Designing & preparing marketing tools (Website, Brochures, Company Profile, Corporate Identity)


2010 - 2011

Marketing Officer

PT. IFORTE SOLUSI INFOTEK is an IT Solution Company, and the departement i'm working in is M-WIFO (Internet Service Provider) and having two main jobs, which are : 1. Marketing Research Provide reports on : - Competitor Analysis - Market Mapping Analysis - Target Customer/prospect Analysis - Determine POP (Point of Presence) prospect for Wireless infrastructure - Target Customer Database 2. Marketing Staff - Prepare Marketing tools (Design with Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Ilustrator) such as brochure, fliers, proposal, and other marketing tools. - Work with Sales staff in adjusting price and marketing plan - Responsible for maintaining Online marketing (Corporate Blog & Website management) - Develop , maintain relationship, and also negotiatie with building management for roof space rental

PT. Sapua Edukasi

2008 - 2009

Pre Sales / Marketing Support / Account Executive

- telemarketing - maintain relationship with existing customer - preparing marketing tools (company profile,proposal, slideshow, brochures, fliers) from design to production. - A.E Support (product demonstration n presentation) - moderator of the company's forum (web-forum) and site admin - update contents of my company's website - product knowledge (web-based Academic Information System) - maintain e-marketing for the company

Banana Bros. Productions

2005 - 2007


Banana Bros Production is an Event Organizer focused in Video Game Tournament. a. KRATINGDAENG’s WINNING ELEVEN TOURNAMENT at Bintaro Trade Centre (February 26th, 2006) Event descriptions : A soccer video game tournament (winning eleven) played in one day with a certain time for each contestant in a knock-out system, managed in a one big tree chart. Responsibilities : to provide equipments needed in the event such as, stage, sound system, video game consoles, televisions, and registrations. b. WINNING ELEVEN 10 TOURNAMENT at Gallery PS, Kelapa Dua (June 30th – July 1st, 2007) Event descriptions : A soccer video game tournament (winning eleven) played in two day with a certain time for each contestant in a knock-out system, managed in a one big tree chart. Responsibilities : as the tournament Supervisor that control tournament’s flow, and to supervise the tournament’s referee. c. X-MILD’S BANANA CUP : WINNING ELEVEN X TOURNAMENT at ITC Permata Hijau (July 28th – July 29th) Event description : A soccer video game tournament (winning eleven) played in two days with a certain time for each contestant in a knock-out system, managed in a one big tree chart. Responsibilities : Responsible for negotiate and provide place for the event (ITC); Publication (poster, fliers, commercial) and event’s logo design; and as the referee in the event that control the flow of the game.

Education History

Universitas Indonesia

2002 - 2011

Manajemen Pemasaran

GPA / IP : 2,93 out of 4,00