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Finally you find me..
For you who have known and you will know me, please call me Alam, yeah as usual.
I am doing something related to web maker with Ruby on Rails or Web Service or Layouting etc.

Employment History


2011 - 2013

Web Maker

Swevel media is a creative digital solution which helps you stand out from the crowd. Because everyone is unique. And the universe is vast. People count on something that mean to them. We bring mean things to you. With every extraordinary way.


2013 - 2014

Web Maker

As Creative Digital Lab, we are truly happy to do anything involving Information Technology. Yes, digital stuff have been our passion for an unprecedented pace since we established Suitmedia three years ago. Our scientists always try to give more choice and control over how and when. In other words, we like to keep all our options open, while commitment can take arange of different shapes and forms. Whenever a client needs us to create highly compelling content, we deliver it across any digital media and optimize it. We offer this complete series of components, which is a critical competitive edge in today's Digital Horizon.


2014 - now

Web Maker

qiscus is a secure (AES 256-bit encryption) lightweight messaging system designed to mimic working environments by allowing users to structure their teams or ..

Education History

Universitas Gadjah Mada

2007 - 2011