Almer Joesoef

Business Analyst & Consultant
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Employment History

Aptus Pacific Indonesia

2013 - 2016

Co-Founder and President Director

Responsible toward design of the overall operational, strategic plan, and policy from the ground up that align with the company’s vision, mission, as well as their short, mid, and long-term goals. Prepare the company’s financial projection, planning and strategy to ensure profitable growth by incorporating founding from market research. • Reduced infrastructure cost by 35% through negotiating prices and fees, while guaranteeing achievement of required SLAs. • Slashed payroll / operational cost 25% by hiring cross-functioning talents capable of performing different functional expertise. • Completed market researched and feasibility studies for new SaaS value proposition in the market that satisfy market acceptance and first-mover advantage through analysis of market trends, needs assessment, and SWOT analysis.

Trimera Media Utama

2011 - 2013

General Manager of Business Development

Developed future strategic plan by studying technological and financial opportunities, presenting assumptions and recommending objectives to top management. Increases management’s effectiveness by recruiting, training, coaching, and counseling managers. Communicating corporate values, strategies, and objectives from top management. • Secured multi-year sales contract that generated up to $1 million with a leading Mobile Telco in the market. • Initiated and spearheaded the development of a new product offering that provides clients with value and justification for qualitative data during technical evaluation of a procurement process. • Generated more than $100,000 from a new product offering within 2 months post-launch. • Established agreement with a leading Telco company to cater the solution need of SMEs in the market.

Education History

California State University Long Beach

2006 - 2011

Business Economics