Achmad Bazargan

System Analyst, Programmer VB6 , VBnet, Ajax, Javascript, PHP, Konsultan SAP PP QM
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About Me

Saat ini saya bekerja sebagai konsultan SAP PP QM sejak 5 tahun lalu. Sebelumnya saya aktif sebagai senior programmer dan system analyst selama 10 tahun. Disaat senggang kadang masih mengerjakan project yang menggunakan VB dan PHP dengan database mysql atau SQL Server.

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Education History

Universitas Terbuka
2000 - 2004

Hukum Administrasi Negara

Employment History

Charoen Pokphand Indonesia
2011 - now

Konsultan SAP PP QM

As PP QM SAP Consultant, I involved in 6 projects implementation in full cycle and 3 roll out projects as follow : 1. Chicken Processing Business : 1 Full Cycle project for Salatiga Plant (2012), 2 Roll out projects for Ngoro Plant (2013) and Medan Plant (2014). 2. Feed Mill Business : 1 Full Cycle project for Lampung Plant (2011) and 1 Roll out for Cirebon Plant (2014). 3. Premix for Feed Business in Krian (Full cycle - 2013). 4. Beverage Business in Wujiang, China (Full cycle - 2014). 5. Beverage Business in Pandaan (Full Cycle - 2016). 6. Fertilizer, Pesticide and Herbicide Business in Mojokerto (Full Cycle - 2015).

Charoen Pokphand Indonesia
2009 - 2011

Team Leader / Supervisor for Non ERP Team

As Team Leader / Supervisor for Non ERP Team, in many projects including: 1. Maintain SCADA application for Feed mill with VB 6 – SQL Server. 2. Develop and Maintain Asset Management Application with ASP.NET – MYSQL. 3. Develop and Maintain Program Development Request & Warehouse Management with PHP – MYSQL. 4. Maintain interface application for SAP with PHP and Visual C++. 5. Maintain Barcode Application (mobile device), Credit Control & Web Services with VB.NET.

Charoen Pokphand Indonesia
2005 - 2009

Senior Programmer & System Developer

As Senior Programmer & System Developer in dozens of project, my role is as follow: 1. Design Business Process for Group Company. 2. Develop application for Group Company. 3. Implement new application and roll out to company with same business. 4. Integrate flow Business Application in group company

PT. Primafood International
2002 - 2005

Programmer & System Analyst

As Programmer & System Analyst, in many projects including: 1.Design and develope integrated System Application for Production, Warehouse and Sales for Chicken Processing Plant. 2.Analyst for the existing application that required to be changed with new policy in business process. 3.Create standard application to support requirement standard for HACCP, Halal Certification and ISO 9001:2000 4.Create an interface module to SAP for Sales Order and Delivery Order. 5.Design and develop application for Warehouse and Sales as Distributor Company.

PT. Proskar Indonusa
1998 - 2001

Junior Programmer

As Junior Programmer, my role is to develop and maintain business application from Theos OS with MultiUser Basic.