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Penulis blog. Peternak kelinci. Penerjemah bahasa Rusia. Pencinta Rusia. Peminat Slavia.

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A good writer. I would prefer to receive more updates from him when the job was in-progress but I should have stated that at the beginning. Otherwise, it's an excellent work!Posted on: about 2 years ago

Education History

Universitas Indonesia
2010 - 2015

Russian Studies

IPK 3,71.

Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture
2014 - 2014

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

Student exchange program.

Daarut Tauhiid
2016 - 2016

Akhlak Plus Wirausaha

Program Santri Mukim 100 Hari

Employment History

Jiwa Slavia
2012 - now

Penulis Blog Jiwa Slavia

Pengelola dan penulis blog Jiwa Slavia (jiwaslavia.blogspot.com)