Adityo Prabowo

Procurement Engineer
English Indonesian

About Me

Saya bekerja sebagai Procurement Engineer yang terbiasa bekerja berkaitan dengan kontrak, istilah-istilah engineering, dan data entry. Disamping itu, sebagai lulusan dari Taiwan Tech, saya juga pernah menulis beberapa jurnal ilmiah teknik dan thesis berbahasa inggris.

Employment History

Rekayasa Industri, PT

2013 - now

Procurement Engineer

My job is about to arrange purchasing order/purchasing contract of plant engineering equipment. So it is very common to use English in contract stage because it is basic communication to vendor since informed the inquiry to equipment delivery time.

Taiwan Tech.

2010 - 2012

Graduate Student & Researcher

My job is being a Master Student who have responsibility to write the journal of my research and it was released as thesis English writing. So, writing in English of academic writing is very familiar for my self.

Education History

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

2010 - 2012

Material Science and Engineering

The concern of my study is to research some material engineering which can be applicable in industrial business.