Aditya Budidarma Cholisi

English Indonesian

About Me

I have an excellent skill in understanding, speaking, and writing in English. My previous TOEFL score is 543, but my latest TOEFL score is 563. I have done a few translations during my time in university, and I recently translated a document sent to me from my former university supervisor.

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Education History

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
2005 - 2012

Mechanical Engineering

Xaverian College, England (equivalent as Senior High School)
2002 - 2004


Abraham Moss High School (equivalent as Junior High School)
1997 - 2002

Employment History

PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), Tbk.
2014 - 2015

Account Officer

My job descriptions were to find potential customers who could be offered for loans and to market other products, analyse if a customer worth to be given a loan and if they do, how much loans should be given and collect the loans.

PT. Karunia Alam Segar (Wingsfood)
2013 - 2014

Safety Officer

My job descriptions were to do routine safety inspections to all the department in the plant, distribute and monitor the usage of personal protective equipments and issue work permits to all the jobs done around the plant that has potential danger.

Curriculum Vitae English_updated_ver2.pdf
TOEFL Certificate Latest.pdf
Batchelor of Engineering Certificate.pdf
Transcript Patent 2012.pdf
OHSAS 18001 Training Certificate.pdf