Safepay is a Sribulancer payment service based on escrow system for the easiest and most convenient financial transactions between the a client and freelancer.

Why Sribulancer SafePay?

1. As a client, your payment is completely secure because you're not paying the freelancer directly.

2. In the case where the job is not completed to your satisfaction or other issues, you can demand a change of freelancer or money refund.

3. As a freelancer, you can be certain that client has already paid the agreed amount to Sribulancer

4. Both client and freelancer will gain reputation through the 'Rating & Review' system.

How Sribulancer SafePay Works for Client and Freelancer

1. After a client and freelance have agreed to work together, the client is required to pay a deposit in the amount agreed to Sribulancer's account using the payment methods available,
ie : bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

2. Payment that is received by Sribulancer will be held temporarily while a workspace is opened to both the client and freelancer.

A workspace works as a online communication tool complete with upload and download features. By using a workspace, both client and freelancer will enjoy a smooth, easy, and secured work and communication process.

3. After all the work has been well received by the client, then Sribulancer will release the payment in the final amount that has been deducted with 10% commission fee to the freelancer.

The transaction fee that may arise during Sribulancer Safepay depends on the client's method of payment with the following information :


Transfer Bank BCAFree

Credit Card4%


Safepay flow

Illustration for Safepay Transaction

1. Client and freelancer have agreed to work together for a job amount of IDR 1.000.000

2. Client proceeds to paying the amount to Sribulancer Safepay

Total payment = Job amount + transaction fee + additional fee ( if the payment method is by credit card)

Example: IDR 1.000.000 + (3% x IDR 1.000.000) + (4% x IDR 1.003.000) = IDR 1.071.200

3. Sribulancer temporarily keeps client's payment

- Freelancer may begin work as agreed.

- When the job is done, client confirms and closes the workspace.

4. After the job has been completed, client confirms and closes the workspace

5. Sribulancer pays out the freelancer's fee to freelancer

Total payment = Job amount - 10% commission fee

Example = IDR 1.000.000 - ( 10% x IDR 1.000.000) = Rp 900.000

Note :

Any transfer fee incurred during payment must be borne by the client.

Any transfer fee incurred during payout must be borne by the freelancer.

As a trusted middleman between a client and freelancer, Sribulancer only uses Safepay system that is secured and guaranteed to work perfectly for everyone.

Safepay transaction

The Benefits of using Sribulancer SafePay

1. Two- Way Protection

Both the client and freelancer have the guarantee to the payment safety without having to worry or risk the possibility of losing money or work from irresponsible parties.
All payment is 100% safe starting from the beginning, during and until the end of the workspace.

2. The Most Convenient Payment System

There are 3 payment methods available for clients, ie bank transfer, credit card and paypal. Rest assured, all financial transaction will work out hassle free and conveniently!

3. Straightforward & Accurate Payout System

Sribulancer always cashes out freelancer payout on-time on every working days Monday-Friday.

If you need more information regarding Sribulancer and Sribulancer SafePay?
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