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Job Description:

Main objective of this mobile application is to assist the user to browse and find a place, book the place and receive confirmation about his booking. This job is for the mobile application part only, server part is not in this scope.

High level features:

- Login
- Browse Places By Location on Google Map
- Browse Places from List
- Navigate from current location to the Place
- Booking the Place
- Booking Status
- Queue Information
- Event Information
- Emergency Call
- Advertisement section on the main menu

- List of place name and coordinate will be provided
- Communication from mobile apps to server part is using JSON
- Server part for user authentication is ready to use
- Server part for booking system is ready to use

- Development is mandatory to use latest Android Studio (at least version 2.1.3)
- Minimum target is KitKat version of Android
- Full source code has to be provided
- Daily progress reporting is required
- More details will be provided upon project start

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