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Job Description:


We are a training business and want to create a supervised distant learning front end and back end support.

Front end for Student and Administrator.

Student Access

1. Student login
2. Choose video to watch
3. Status of videos watched and passed.
4. Input written case application using standard 6-point format.
5. Take multiple choice exam. (System randomizes questions.)

6. If student pass then can advance to next module.


1. Log in admin

2. Create class group

3. Input various training modules and sequence of videos. Able to update or change videos.

4. Monitor status of training per class group or all groups in alphabetical order.

5. Input/ modify exam questionnaire per module.

6. Access written case study and give a grade.

7. Get Action Alerts for those lagging behind and/or performing well. Example of Lag behind conditions: 1. Missed watching a lesson in the past 7 days 2. Got an average score of less than 69. 3. Failed to submit written case or take exam 14 days after watching video. Example of Performing well: 1. On track for watching videos for 2 consecutive weeks and score greater than 70. 2. Average grade greater than 90 after 3 lessons. 3. Running average greater than 90%.

8. Summary report on student status per module per group.

9. Exception report on graduates of modules.

10. Use facebook closed group as a backend platform. Video's can be up.loaded in you tube.

This is only a brief project description and the attached file only a portion of the description. We have detailed description of project: 78 page of pdf screen design and explanations to make things faster and will be shown to qualified freelancer after meeting.

Project files uploaded by employer:

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