Create simple CRUD ios android apps + tag location with open map api

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Simple CRUD. I want to make a change to this world. It is not about money so I need developer who love what they are doing instead of just making money. What money is for actually? Think about that first. Take a look at your wallet and think.

People posting a project they can tag location or picture as feature image:
if you have idea -> find and gather people who are willing to realize it, no need to pay them.
For example: I want to create spaceship because my heart belong to someone on another galaxy, and reuniting with her will complete me. A then join to become the engineer, B join to provide the graphene or other material, C join to provide home cooking food.

When register people choose username and pick profile picture.

If they lie or scam they will be out without ever we need a rating and reviews anymore. Life is a choice anyway. You want to be a scammer you will be a scammer. That is what you are.

So no ratings or reviews needed.

For things, for example we might have two category:
1. Projects
2. Shared Items / Goods

People post project and post items / goods they want to
1. give or
2. share to other,

it can be food or anything, tag location and picture, have map view or list view, my imagination is very limited to card view, perhaps there is globe view, or dodecahedron view, polygonal views.


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