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id like to make a company logo/ brand called "PORTAGRAM INDONESIA". slogan should be in smaller font below the brand, written : "1st Customers Provider for Indonesian Exporters". our services are providing customers data to indonesian exporters. we connect ports to ports shipments. thus the name is called 'PORTAGRAM'. taken from the word INSTAGRAM. We provide contacts of customers like their inquiries/ email address/ mobile number directly to exporters.. Our work is more to mining/filtering data to cater the Exporters product. If exporter product is 'laptop', we will mine and filter thousand millions of data through the internet to find buyers of 'laptop'. we are professional business service/ consultant. we are very custom oriented yet very bold and direct. we expect to see logos has sea/ containers element. some mining work / data / internet / computer based elements can also be used. because our main customers are indonesian exporters. im gonna need to use this logo later on for my facebook page/ instagram page / and possibly company letter head (our office addresses will follow)

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Zahwa overall cepat, faham benar keinginan client, flexible, penuh kreatifitas walau dengan bahan yang minim

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