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I need someone to help write an article on Portable IPL device that useful to remove hair permanently and meremajakan kulit.

1. About IPL technology (you can get the info from kaskus or beauty clinic sites)
2.Product features:
- Easy to use (nanti saya kirim manual nya untuk melihat instruksi pengunaan dll)
- Safe to use (teknologi IPL sudah dipakai secara luas di negara maju lain ,dan di banyak clinic kecantikan di indonesia)
- Small size / portable
- Dual function: Bisa untuk hair removal dan skin rejuvenation (ada 2 kepala, tinggal ganti kepalanya)
- Long life time (95,000 shots per head), bisa di pakai berkali2 dan di share ke teman2 atau saudara2 atau untuk orang yang punya bisnis kecantikan (to remove hair on average you will use 50 shots for face, 50 shots for each underarm, and 200 shots for each arms and legs)
- Bisa untuk dipakai diberbagai macam bagian tubuh (alat ini menggantikan proses waxing yang sakit)
- Cheap if compared the per treatment cost using this product with the cost charged by professional beauty clinic seperti browhouse, ppp, natasha, etc

I will upload more file for ref if you accept this job.

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thankyou for the job.

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