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Job Description:

We want you to collect images about academic institutions (JPEG format) populated from international universities in our list (the list will be provided to you when you are recruited). Total payment for this working is IDR 350,000 (for four-day duration only).

What and how you do?
Using your Internet connection, you need to get into Google Images and search for images of 83 (eighty three) academic institutions based on our list.

Here are the qualifications of images you need to search for:
- It must be at least 1900 pixels wide (the height can be varied, but it shall be proportional to the width with aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9).
- All images shall be in landscape layout, NOT portrait layout!
- Images can be from building photos or indoor photos or people, but all images SHALL HAVE the institution name/logo. Do not edit the image, just collect them as-is.

After you have collected all images (in JPG format), you need to compress the file. Here are the procedures:
- Step #1: Get into
- Step #2: Upload each image file into there by choosing compression level 30%
- Step #3: Click Compress button and save the output file
- Step #4: Those output files are what you need to submit to us

The outcome of this task is 83 JPEG files (after being compressed using Each JPEG file represents each academic institution. You can name each file using the institution's name.

When you need to submit your working?
We estimate that you will spend 15 minutes to look for one image file per single academic institution. Thus, we target for four days to complete this task for all 83 (eighty three) institutions.

Should you have any question or need any clarification, feel free to reach us via e-mail at [email protected]

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Really appreciate to Sofiya for her efforts in delivering this task in a satisfied level!