Make a list of all data centre providers in Australian and enter data

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Job Description:

We are undertaking research on the data centre colocation and cloud computing markets in Australia. We need somebody to:

a) make a list of all the data centre operators which offer colocation. It must only be those companies that own and operate the colocation data centre in Australia by searching online and not others that resell someone else's space
b) make a list of all the cloud computing (IaaS and PaaS) service providers that have physical infrastructure located in Australia by searching online - the cloud must be physically located in the country and not overseas
c) find information on each company and each one of their data centres or cloud computing locations on both lists and enter it into a file on a new tab for each company. We also have a list of companies that we do not need information about which is included in the file. There are many questions included in the file for which we want to obtain data if it is publically available. We would like you to get this information from the company websites, reputable news outlets and articles, and financial reports where appropriate. When the data is not available via public websites or other documentation then we can leave it blank, but we expect a proper search be undertaken.

We need this completed in the week of July 4 for as many companies as possible. If completed well we also have similar projects to work on in other countries.

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arlanz - Sribulancer

Arlan D

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Winni Liem

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Chrisselda Marito Dayana

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Renaldy Satio

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Nelsen Liu

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