URGENT! Cocokkan data keuangan & Transaksi 11 thn (2004-2015)

Data Entry
Input Data in Ms Excel
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Job Description:

I need freelancer who can work :
- Fast
- Accurate & Thoroughly
- understand excel
- understand bank transaction report (debet, credit, etc)
- know english

Job desc :
- there's NO DATA ENTRY at all, your job is only to match & calculate if the data is already correct/wrong.
- if the data is wrong, then you have to make it right, the only formula you will use is SUM
- I already have a good template/example from previous year, so you can check it with that.

if you're interested in this job :
- apply in ENGLISH, i'll reject if you use Indonesian, because the data is all in english
- know the above criteria, i'll test you first.
- able to communicate (in indonesian is okay)

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Employer's review:
- kerja tanpa inisiatif - tdk mampu, mencocokkan angka & alur kerja dgn yg sebelumnya & contohnya - setiap langkah bertanya, even hal yg sgt simple (copy & paste) - skill excelnya = bad, sdh diberitau caranya msh tdk bsa overall sangat tidak puas dgn hasil kerjanya, portfolio vs actual sgt beda

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