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Job Description:

I need someone to write me data entry and reporting software.
The database that I will use is mysql.
I already have the table ready.
I just need somebody to write a code for easy data entry into the table.
The software can be written in any programming language.
The software should run in PC or browser.
Data entry should be user friendly (using tab to move from one field to the next).
The software can also provide approximately 10-15 reports from the table in mysql.

Table :

1. Master Color table : ColorID, ColorName
2. Master Size table : SizeID, SizeName
3. Master ItemCat table : ItemCatID, ItemCatName
4. Master SubItem table : SubItemID, SubItemName
5. Master Item table : ItemID, ItemName, ItemCatID, SubItemID, ColorID, SizeID, Unit
6. Master MachineCat table : MachineCatID, MachineCatName
7. Master Machine table : MachineID, MachineName, MachineCatID
8. Master Division table : DivisionID, DivisionName
9. Master DailyHeader table : DailyID, Date, DivisionID, MachineCatID
10. Master DailyDetail table : DailyID, MachineID, Item1, Qty1, Item2, Qty2, Qty3

Data Entry Form :

1. Data Entry type 1 : DailyID (auto), Date, DivisionID, MachineCatID - MachineID, Item2, Qty2, Qty3
2. Data Entry type 2 : DailyID (auto), Date, DivisionID, MachineCatID - MachineID, Item1, Qty1, Item2, Qty2, Qty3

10-15 reports

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