I Need Payroll Management Software for My Manufacturing Company for Android Apps

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Job Description:

Develop payroll software that track employee attendance and their total salary per week
I (owner) and admin staff will look after the report every Friday, and our payday is on Saturday every week. Report will include salary, transport fee, meal fee and bonuses from Saturday (the previous week) - Friday.
For factory workers:
There are 2 types of pays, depending on worker's division:
1. daily performance based: salary is calculated based on individual worker's production
2. daily fixed rate: same rate for every attendance
We also identify workers that are given transport fees and lunch fees, and reimburse that on their payday
Some bonuses were given based on attendance, depending on their departments (i.e full attendance = bonus)

For regular staff, payment is given every end of month.

Currently, I'm doing everything in simple excel, hence I can show the data and flow in excel format

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