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The translation is about gadgets/tablets reviews.

Sometimes English sentences cannot be translated word by word because in Indonesian it doesn't make sense.
The translation from English to Indonesian doesn't have to be exact (word for word) but the meaning should be the same.

The text of the reviews should be informal because it's not written by experts.
We would like that the Indonesian version of the reviews looks like it was written by a real Indonesian customer.

Some technical words like: Retina HD Display, 8-megapixel iSight, Build Quality, ... should not be translated because Indonesians use and understand these English words. If you hesitate on some words then just leave them in English and ask me in the comment.

Please write the translation below each review inside the document that I attached. Write also your translation in another color. So it will be easier for me to check. If you have some hesitation on some words/sentences to translate, you can put the comments in the document (by using the Microsoft Word comment feature).

I plan to publish a dozen more offers on Sribulancer later. I am looking for someone with whom I can work in the mid/long term.

Thank you.

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Employer's review:
The translation is ok but it could be more accurate on some parts. Some words has been translated word for word. So the result is, sometimes, it doesn't make sense in Indonesian.. Some parts had not been translated as well but she reviewed the document again and sent me the complete translation.

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