Translate 2200 Words For a Contest Software From English to Indonesian

Translate between English and Indonesian
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Job Description:

The words to translate are for a software that allows people to make their own contest:

Some words cannot be translated word by word because in Indonesian it doesn't make sense. Some English words are often used by Indonesians, so sometimes it's not necessary to translate them.

So the translation from English to Indonesian doesn't have to be exact (word for word) but the meaning should be the same.

The words to translate are in "quote marks".

For example, the word "count" doesn't have to be translated because it's a variable:
- entry_worth_singular: "%{count} Entry".

Please write the translation after the entire text to translate inside the document. So do not write the translated words below each line.

We are looking for a freelancer who kas knowledge in Computer/Programming so he/she could understand well the context of the words.

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Translation is OK. The work could be more accurate sometimes (typo mistakes). But overall good work. I recommend her. Good communication as well.

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