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Job Description:

Need to review / curate machine translated result of ~6,000 hotel guest reviews from Indonesian to English. These guest reviews are from our customers, and each reviews contains averagely ~40 words.
Guest reviews source language are Indonesian and already machine translated to English. We need you to review and revise the result with the following expected quality:

1. Revise any typos.
2. Revise mistranslated Indonesian slang words.
3. Revise mistranslated contextual usage of words.
4. No need to have full grammar correction, as long as the resulted translations is human-readable.

Expected work to delivered in mid December.

See sample of guest reviews as attached.

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Very good quality, the only reason i didn't put the maximum score is because the job was delayed 1.5 weeks from original plan. Other than that all is good.

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