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For this project, I need about 70 sentences (1,014 words) translated from English to Indonesian. It's not very long but the document is actually a personality test which requires the translator having a really good grasp of both languages. I would say that it's easy money for somebody who has the linguistic skills and about 2 hours to spare. A really fun assignment for somebody who has interest in psychology.

I need somebody who can accurately translate sentences, such as:
- "In judging others are you more swayed by: a. laws than circumstances or b. circumstances than laws" into "Ketika menghakimi orang lain, anda lebih condong ke a. peraturan daripada keadaan atau b. keadaan daripada peraturan."
- "Is it worse to: a. have your 'head in the clouds' or b. be 'in a rut'" into "Yang lebih buruk adalah a. 'berangan-angan setinggi langit' atau b. hidup begitu-begitu saja."

I understand that translation is an art and there is a lot of judgment calls. Nevertheless, please display a high degree of precision and more importantly care into your work. Saya juga adalah pembicara bahasa Indonesia yang fasih dan sangat mengenal kebudayaan Indonesia. Oleh karena itu, saya akan dapat menilai pekerjaan anda dengan teliti dan secara adil.

I expect to award this project in a few days.

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To translate a 1,000+ word Psychology Test, a suitable translator had to have an extensive vocabulary and good judgment. The work that NickyJaya completed was succinct and with the appropriate tone. He did not message back and forth often but the job was done quickly. Good job!

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