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Hey freelancers!

I'm looking for a fluent English and Indonesian speaker, despite the nationality. Your job is to translate 'online marketing' articles from Bahasa Indonesia to English, 2000-5000 words each.

To create an excellent English article, you're not going to translate each sentence in the article per se. Instead, you may need (and should) change the sentence structures of the whole article to make it natural for English readers.

Here's an example:

(Bahasa Indonesia)

Okay, first of all, this is not entirely the same article. But it's the only example I have right now. Notice that although in some part they have the same meaning, it's not a direct word or sentence translation.

For that reason, I prefer an article writer (not just a translator) who has knowledge in this area.

If you're interested, please include this in your application:

1. Your previously published English and Indonesian article, or translation job
2. Your knowledge or experience in online marketing. If any.

I'm looking forward to your application.

- Darmawan

P.S. feel free to communicate with Bahasa Indonesia if you prefer.

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