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Job Description:

I need 50 articles on my website. I have the articles already in PDF format.

Before you can be accepted for this job you need to work on a trial project. For this trial project you will only need to create one page of content. The trial project is worth IDR$11000.

The instructions below are the same for the trial and actual project. For trial project you only need to do it once.

I need you to type it out exactly as shown in the PDF or JPG onto the Wordpress website that I provide and insert a photo into the page as well. Photos can be found online. I will give detailed instructions on how to find them.

Steps for a single product:
1. Login to my Wordpress website. I will provide login details.
2. Open the PDF or JPG provided to the correct page where a product is shown
3. Click on "Create a new page" on the website
4. Type the words shown in the PDF into the product creation page. Ensure that the format is the same. Use headers where needed.
5. Once the required text is all copied over, you will need to find an image of the product. The dimensions of the image will be stated. You need to crop the image if it is too large.
6. Upload the image to the page, and insert it in the correct position, as well as set the alignment.
7. Preview, and publish!

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Dwiya is hardworking and careful with her work. I recommend her.

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