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Website using Wordpress
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Job Description:

Montage by Raj - Travel Photography

- Developer to be fluent in English
- She/he should have experience working with Wordpress
- Wordpress theme ‘Inspiro’ has been installed. Developer is needed to customise the layout as per my detailed Design Brief.
- Check that layout displays well across mobile devices.
- Check that fast downloading speed of website is there on all devices.
- Google search to say: Montage by Raj - Travel Photography
- I will be updating the blog and galleries weekly. Web developer has to set the templates for ‘Gallery’ and ‘Series’ page so that the updates I create are consistent with the custom website design.
- Backup of site to be created once the project is complete.
- Logo design and text will be provided by me.

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AWESOME!!! Our project is moving into Phase 2, the end of the project, and it will be my pleasure to submit a detailed review then.