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Job Description:

Hello, we need explanation video for our new startup.

Option 1 >> combine real character + animation
ZOPIM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fvMsz4dDQA (reference for style, not script)

Option 2 >> only animation
Lettuce Finance App https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2lEuBod7Hs
DesignCrowd http://www.designcrowd.com/how-it-works


APPVISEE is an app that can enable individual who has pc and internet to be tier-1 call-center, customer-service, product adviser, or product marketer for

Product/Service-Owner. It has functionalities so Product/Service-Owner can define online training, conduct online exam, and channel their tier-1 customer engagement

activities through this application (by means of chat, voice call, video call).

Product / Service owner (small-to-mid-size companies) is the main client. Those companies can use APPVISEE as their call-center / customer service infrastructure.

APPVISEE provides chat, voice call, and video call as channels.

(Rough) Flow for individual
- Register as trainee to become customer service, tele-marketer, product/service adviser
- Take online training provided through APPVISEE
- Take online exam
- After passing the exam trainee can deliver customer service activities, as well as telemarketing, and product/service advising
- Get revenue based on contribution
- Can serve more than one Product/Service Owner

Proposed value for Individual
- working time flexibility
- additional income source
- training opportunity
- deliver service for more than one companies
- transparent evaluation system

(Rough) Flow for Product/Service Owner
- Register as client
- Prepare training materials (PDF, Audio, Video) and product knowledge
- Evaluate trainee and recruit them to become customer service partner
- Evaluate and monitor the service delivered by partner
- Pay for contribution given by partner and AppVisee

Proposed value for Product/Service Owner
- cloud based environment >> minimize investment on infrastructure
- operational flexibility & scaleability
- extend channel coverage; chat - voice call - video call
- seamless monitoring and evaluation

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