I need attractive ARTICLES about BATIK for BATIK PLATFORM!!

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Job Description:

Hi everyone!!

We are currently building a WEB-media only about BATIK.
Please help us writing articles for this project!!

Our purpose is to encourage batik society such as factories, brands, designers and consumers.
The themes are all welcomed but if only related to batik!


Rules and Tips
Writing Articles for BatikPlatform

1.Keep it Simple
Don’t use jargon and fancy words. Make a point, clear, short and in a hurry.
It will bring more joy in reading.

2. Seeing is Believing
Use appropriate pictures that match what you are writing about. It has to be related!!!

Size: Rectangle 1200×630pixel(minimum) Square 630×630pixel(minimum)
PNG(preferred) JPEG(acceptable) files.

• Not blurred
• Edit your photo with brightness, contract, exposure, highlights, sharpening.
• Make sure there are no fingerprints on the lens of the camera.
• Be aware of the background and balance.

(Reference: http://christinagreve.com/how-to-make-your-iphone-photos-bright-sharp/)
• If you take photos from other source, please write where you got it from. ↑↑↑

3.Bold/ Italics and Bullet to make your Point.
Styling your words and page is the best way to visually make your point.
key words and main point should standout from the rest.

4.Make a cool title
Cool title will catch the readers attention. Be creative and fun.

5. Subheadings Rock
Titles need to be catchy and fun. If you have too many important messages, subheading comes in handy.

6. Avoid Useless Content
If your content is long and on the point, it is useless. When we start writing you want to include this and that. But please avoid doing this!

7. Read other peoples’ work.
If you are a good writer, you may already be doing this. See other people’s work for reference read and learn. You will always discover something new.

8. Read declined feedback.
If ever article is rejected, check and understand why. Accepting rejection will develop you into a better writer in the future.

9. Proofread
Always proofread out loud. Read to yourself using your voice. Check for small grammar mistakes before submitting your work.

10. Create structure
All writing should have beautiful structure. First, Second and End. Don’t try to mix it up. It will become confusing for the readers.

11. Focus on the reader
Who is your target audience? Why are you writing about this? Think about others reaction when you start your project.

12. Be your own writer
Don’t copy other people’s words. If you need to refer to a important information, always write were the source comes from.

13. Spice it up
Originality and creativity. Let your readers enjoy your content. We are writing a media not a encyclopedia.

14. Use the Present Tense
Try to avoid past tense vocabularies such as: was, did, came.

15. Be Positive.
Be positive and enthusiastic. No one wants to hear negative stories.

16. Practice makes perfect.
Always practice, never give up. Practice, practice, practice.


☆Part-Time regulations.
Fee for Part-Time
• 1 article 500~800 words with 1~2 picture: Rp50.000

Your full name / Title of the article

1)Tags: Include 3 or more Tags that are related to your article:
(shirt), (flower), (blue), (New brand), (Mangrove)

2)Categories: Include 2 or more Categories that are related to your article:
(introducing patterns), (interviewing factories), (list of batik museums)

3) Article

• If your article was rejected, please rewrite the article. You may ask your supervisor how to fix your article.

Enjoy! If you have other questions, feel free to ask us anytime.

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