I need 20 articles about MOTORS (cars, motorbike, F1, MotoGP)

Article Writing
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Job Description:

These are some instruction manual writing the article:
1. Please submit in Ms.Word format
2. Write > 500 words per article
3. Write the leading sentence as opening paragraph of each article
4. Attach at least 2 pictures of each article. The ideal width of pictures is >700 pixel and 500 kata
3. Tulis kalimat pembuka sebelum paragraph pertama. Kalimat pembuka ditulis tepat dibawah judul. Sebelum memasuki paragraph utama.
4. Pada 1 artikel setidaknya terlampir 2 foto/gambar. Ukuran ideal gambar yang dilampirkan adalah >700 pixel dan

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I think I want to work with he agein.

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