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Job Description:

First of all it's gonna be a 2000 words articles, good quality and properly researched.

An Indonesian language article.

The article type is like Wikipedia, giving valuable knowledge. Although, I just need mostly the technicality part with other small elements on the side like historical part, fun facts, or etc.

The title will be "Apa itu Fiber Optik?."

The most important sub-chapters are :
1. Apa Itu Fiber Optik
2. Cara Kerja Fiber Optik
3. Aplikasi Fiber Optik Dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari
4. Kelebihan Fiber Optik
5. Kelemahan Fiber Optik

You can therefore add more subs if necessary.

To know what kind of articles I'm looking for please open up https://www.qilat.id/blog/apa-itu-satelit-pengertian-satelit

You don't have to provide pictures, I will.

Time limit 1 week, easy money.

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Excellent! I gave 7 days deadline, she worked it out in a day. Good quality as well, it helps me a lot. Recommended Writer :)

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