iOS App to Post and Search Vehicles

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Mobile App Development for IOS
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iOS DevelopmentiPhone App Development
Job Description:

**Designs created on SKETCH**

Some work needed to be done for an MVP.
I only need two features done for this
1. Sellers to post their listings and
2. Buyers to search for listings.
I may have missed out on some stuff like screen transition etc, please chat with me if you feel confident on delivering.

Front End (iOS)
Splash Screen for introduction
Posting Screen (access to phone camera and library) [Image please use filestack to store]
Posting Screen (7 input fields for details of posting, **see image attached**)
Item Listing Screen (with search input field)
Item Search Filter Screen (**see image attached**)

Front End (Admin Webpage)
Login page with email and password and 'forgot password'
List user page (date signup, name, email, suspend/reactive button)
Listing Posting page (date posted, title, price, image, user email, status, suspend/reactive button, search function

Back End
Setup App Server(Apache/Node.js) in hosting server
Setup MongoDB/Mysql database and tables in hosting server
Setup Apache in hosting server
App Server APIs
Search/Get a Posting
Remove Posting
Save Posting
Get All Posting
Get All User

5. Configure domain name
6. Forward DNS
7. Setup Bitbucket

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