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I'm looking for an iOS dev to develop a custom keyboard for me, it's very similar to translation keyboard but it's more like a language learning keyboard.

So the idea is to learn a foreign language with the keyboard, the way we gonna do it is, we gonna translate a set of words or sentences for that language. Then as you type in an app, in english, in this case for example I'm typing 'How are you?' There will be a bar above the keyboard that shows the 'How are you?' And there's another bar on top of it, which is the translation of 'How are you?' However, it will not be in the language word or letter, instead it will be in transliteration, english, where we can spell and pronounce it. An example, let's take Thai language for instance. As I type 'Hello', it will appear 'Sawadikap', where it means Hello in Thai and we can actually read and pronounce it.

The main thing is to learn the language. So basically, for the translation that is available, it will pop up, 'Do you mean ....... ?' As for more complicated words like investment bankers which we don't use that often, it will just ignore.

This is just a brief introduction of the idea, will let you know more in-depth if you're interesting in the project.

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