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How to find a job at Sribulancer

Freelancer step 1

1. Register as a freelancer

Meet Robert who has plenty of website-building experience including an ecommerce website. He is looking for an extra income by working from home. That's why, Robert registers himself as a Sribulancer freelancer for ABSOLUTELY FREE and no strings attached!

Freelancer step 2

2. Complete your freelancer profile

Robert starts to fill up his freelancer profile as completely as possible, starting from his personal information, portfolio, skills and other information as provided in the space. He also makes sure that his freelancer profile looks as attractive and professional as possible.

Freelancer step 3

3. Finding the perfect job

After completing his profile, Robert begins hunting for job at Sribulancer by clicking the Find Jobs page based on his skills. Additionally, Robert will also receive a vacancy notification through email!

Robert then sends a proposal and his portfolio to a client who is looking for a website at Sribulancer. He also sends out as many proposal to other open jobs through the platform provided by Sribulancer for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Freelancer step 4

4. Work together with client for an unlimited extra income

A client who is interested in Robert's profile and proposal then contacts him. After chatting and negotiationg price, they've reached an agreement and the client has agreed to pay a job deposit to Sribulancer.

Robert starts working on his ecommerce website project and regularly updates the workspace until project completion. Workspace is an online working space provided by Sribulancer for easy communication allowing both client and freelancer to supervise work progress and payment process.

Once the job is finished and the client approves of the work, Robert will receive payment and a rating that will help increase his reputation as a Trusted Freelancer.

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