To find freelancer in Sribulancer is easy and safe. Transactions are guaranteed with out Sribulancer Safepay which protect clients from fraud. Deposit will be refunded if the service is not delivered.

Guide to Find the Best Freelancer with “Post Job” Option

Client step 1

1. Post a job at Sribulancer

Monika wants to have her own website for selling ladies shoes. Being a newbie with website building, she’s unsure of the process. Hiring a fulltime programmer also seems too costly and complicated.

Monika then finds another option by using a freelance programmer in Sribulancer.
She then posts a job FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE and describes all the job details along with the her budget.

Client step 2

2. Within hours, get 20+ freelancer's proposals. Chat and negotiate budget and scope with freelancer

Monika receives over 20 work proposals from freelancers within hours after the job posting. She then compares all proposals, portfolios and freelancers’ reviews. Monika uses the "Chat & Hire" button to chat and negotiate the budget with freelancers using the Sribulancer platform.

Once a price agreement is reached between Monika and Freelancer, she is required to pay a deposit in the amount agreed. Payment to Sribulancer is available by bank transfer ( BCA & Mandiri), credit card, and Paypal. All Sribulancer payment is guaranteed and 100% secured.

Client step 3

3. Hire freelancer. Deposits payment and start working with freelancer until your job has been completed

Using the provided workspace ( an online working space), Monika works with the freelancer with ease. All communication and work process can be easily supervised by both client and freelancer.

Just within days, Monika gets the website that she wants and can start selling her products in the website! After the job is finished, Sribulancer SafePay system will process payment to the freelancer. If Monika is not satisfied with the freelancer’s result, she can demand a freelancer replacement without any charge or simply use the Money Back Guarantee feature. All Sribulancer clients are always protected and satisfied.

Guide to Find the Best Freelancer with “Find Freelancers” Option


Recruit freelancer directly

Other than the “ Post Job” option, Monika can also directly recruit a freelancer by clicking the
Browse Freelancers page and start selecting a freelancer FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Monika uses the "Chat & Hire" button to chat and negotiate the budget with freelancer privately.

Guide to Find the Best Freelancer with “See Packages” Option


Select the service packages in Sribulancer

Monika can also get the best result by selecting from the Packages available in Sribulancer by clicking the See Packages page FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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