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Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) that can help you easy-to-edit website. Our Wordpress developer accomplishes performance-driven customization, theme and development by analyzing and envisaging your business requisites. Moreover, Wordpress will be your best marketing tools.

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Money Back Guarantee
If you don't like the results of the work of our team that you choose. You can replace it with another team. Or ask for money to be returned.
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We will hold your payment and will be given to our team if your wordpress dev service work is complete. In this way, your money will be safe.
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Sribulancer has a team of more than 5 years of experience in wordpress developer who you build websites that are fast, easy to manage, and secure.
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Determine Your Own Budget
You can determine for yourself what costs for best web developer services you need.
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We make sure that your website can found on the search engine easier. Fast loading, responsive and easy to use.

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Getting to Know WordPress: Today’s Best Website Builder

If you ask about how to build a website, most of the people may encourage you to use WordPress. If you have never created a website, then you might be confused about what WordPress is, how it works, and why you should use it.

To help you find the answer. Here is an important thing you need to know before starting a WordPress blog or website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is blogging software and a framework for web development. An open source software written in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).

What you might not understand is that there are two different WordPress programs you can choose. Mostly beginners who want to start a WordPress blog or website don’t know that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two fundamentally different products. Even both have different owners.

WordPress.com is a web hosting service that offers a pioneered version of WordPress to make it easier for you to start a blog. However, you will not get all the WordPress tools such as specific themes and plugin.

WordPress.org is a content management system (CMS) website builders. The original WordPress and 100% free. You can completely "control" this web builder. It means you can start any website in WordPress with specific themes and plugins.

WordPress often considered just as a blogging platform. Even though it used to be, today WordPress has evolved into a versatile content management system (CMS). You can still use it to start a simple blog, but you can also build a website and online store.

How does WordPress work?

A website is built in HTML – programming languages use instruction called ‘tag’ to format page layout, text, images, and so on. Then, the browser reads the HTML code, translate the tag to render and display specific page content.

WordPress is a system that allows you to create pages or posts even without the skill to read and write the complex HTML code. What you need is go to your website’s dashboard, then click on a new post or page to start writing content. From here you can start a blog about topics you love, sell products or start e-commerce.

In the dashboard settings, you can do various things, such as changing your blog themes, adding plugins that give you more flexibility in managing your website, and using widgets to help navigate your site. Doing whatever you want to add to your website to make it better.

Why should pick WordPress?

Why do most people who want to start a website, including big companies, choose WordPress? The following are several reasons why WordPress is the best choice to start a website, blog, or online store.

1. Easy to install and use

WordPress only takes about 5 minutes for the installation process. It allows you to quickly start working on various important things to build your website. WordPress also features easy-to-use navigation and the ability to customize your site with a single click button.

2. Provide thousands of plugin for various website needs

A plugin is like an app on your smartphone, but it is installed on your website to improve the function. There are more than 46,000 choices of plugins in WordPress. It allows you to add almost all the features you want to your website. Maybe you want an automatic backup system or display your YouTube videos on a blog, all you can do is easily add plugins.

3. Provide an online transaction system

For you who want to use WordPress to sell products, online transactions are what you need. WordPress allows your buyers to make online transactions with a guarantee that your website is free of malware. It is the best part of WordPress for business purpose.

4. Provides thousand of interesting themes

Publishing platforms, blogging tools, and CMS come with more than a thousand different FREE themes. If it isn’t enough, you can install paid themes from third parties. You can easily make the website look the way you want with these various themes.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support

WordPress supports you to do search engine optimization more easily with SEO plugins. The plugins help you more easily manage SEO in every post you make. Even you don’t need to have expertness in SEO. Your potential audience will be easily accessing your post in a short time and easy way.

6. Safe and secure to use

WordPress update their system continues to maintain the security and maintenance. So you don’t have to worry about hackers infiltrate your site or make your site crash without any backup.

So why do you have to choose WordPress? Because safe, easy to use, and provides various tools that make it easy for you to customize the site like what you want.

How to make money with WordPress?

How to make money with WordPress depends on your expertise. Do you write blog content? Make a design? Coding? Here is a common way to make money with WordPress.

1. Adsense

The most common method used to make money with WordPress is Adsense. As we know, to get money using this method you must first register and accepted as an Adsense publisher. Then, you need to set an ad on your blog or website to start making money.

However, you need to know that making money with Adsense requires high traffic. Therefore, bloggers or website owners usually did not use Adsense as the main source of income on the site.

2. Sell product and services

You can make money from WordPress by selling products. Make your site as an online store and start making money with your products or drop shipping.

Besides products, you can offer services using your WordPress site. Sell your skills to manage a blog, content creation services, coding, and so on. You can use your site as a portfolio to display any content related to your services.

3. Provide ad space

Providing ad space on your blog or website allows you to make money from WordPress. However, make sure the ad space doesn’t disrupt your visitors’ convenience. Generally, ad space placed in the right widget of the blog or website.

4. Affiliate marketing

Basically, with affiliate marketing, you can recommend a product from a site like Amazon or affiliated site to your visitors. Affiliates allow you to get a commission for every sale you make, even without owning the product. Many bloggers out there use this method as the main source of income.

Write a review on your blog, then offer the product to your visitors. Other bloggers are likely selling the same products as you. In this case, trust and authority are the keys to make your visitors buy the product from you. You need to build these two things if you want to make money from affiliate marketing.

That's are four ways you can try to make money from WordPress. Most bloggers apply at least one of these four ways. Even using more than one method to make more money.


We hope this article helps you answer the question of what WordPress is, how it works, why you have to choose WordPress, and how to make money with this website builder.

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